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How can it be installed?

Our panels can simply be installed using our install guide that comes with your delivery of faux brick panels. All panels are designed to slot into one another and can be secured with adhesive, screws or staples.

What is it made of?

All our Faux brick panels are made from plaster, not only does this make them authentic visually it also makes them lightweight making installation fast and simple.

Can it be installed outside?

No our panels are designed for indoor use only.

How can I hide the joints?

Joints can be hidden easily by using the joint filler kit, which you can purchase directly from us, alternatively you can source similar products in DIY stores or online.

Can I paint it?

Yes, you can order our panels in – Raw – (white unfinished faux brick plaster sheets) and paint them as you would a real brick wall, just chose your colour.

Where can it be used?

Faux brick can be used pretty much all around the home or workplace, it can be installed in bathrooms and swimming pools however we don’t recommended exposing faux brick directly to water.

Can the panels be chipped?

As our panels are made from plaster they can be chipped if enough force is applied, however in the unlikely event this happens touch up kits can be purchased directly from us here at Faux Brickwork.

Do you install the panels?

Faux Brickwork do not install, however we do have recommended installers which have be trained by us here in Pinewood studios, we do not take any responsibility for the installation of our panels.

Can I have a sample?

Interior designers and architects? Samples can be requested from our sample page or by dropping us a call to discuss what you're looking to achieve and what you need.

Do your panels come with an installation help sheet?

Yes all our panels come with a simple installation guide should you decide to install the panels yourself.

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